35 Things I Bet You Forgot to Disinfect

Things you forgot to disinfect

Things you forgot to disinfect

Yes, we’re all going a little crazy right now and morphing into mini germaphobes before our very eyes.

I like to think I had done a great job of disinfecting until I started reading other people’s lists…lots of things were popping up on there that I never would have thought of. In other words, anything your hands touch should be cleaned, at least once, until this whole nightmare is over. That sounds pretty hectic, doesn’t it? I recently came across a post where the blogger mentions that they use something like a UV light disinfection system to sanitize their home. Although that did sound like an expensive solution, I’m sure it would be worth every penny considering how much effort we put into cleaning every nook and cranny of our houses!

Home cleaning and disinfection could become a challenging task. People tend to use a single liquid for the whole home but it is often advised to have a separate cleaning fluid for separate rooms. Refillable Cleaning Products (or products like these) can help in providing cleaning liquids based on the room’s purpose. After washing up your rooms, disinfection could be done for removing pathogens and other microorganisms from your home. Researchers now know that the virus can live on surfaces like metal, plastic, and glass for up to a week, and on that cruise ship, they even found traces of the virus after 17 days! Especially when it comes to car interiors and all where the space is usually enclosed, viruses tend to thrive the best. Perhaps, this is probably why most car owners tend to invest in sanitizing solutions that can offer long-lasting effects (for better information, read more here). That said, even if you have disinfected at the beginning of your quarantine, here are a few more places you may have forgotten. I didn’t include obvious ones like tables and counters because duh. But if any of the below items weren’t on your list, it’s not too late to give them a clean sweep!

:: 35 Things You Forgot to Disinfect ::


  • Coffee pot handle or top and touch button menu
  • Inside fridge drawer handles and veggie drawers
  • Dishwasher handle and touch buttons
  • Scissors (usually we use these and put them back in the drawer without washing, right?)
  • Can opener/any other appliance you generally use and just put back without washing
  • Corkscrew handle/Wine opener
  • Pens/pencils
  • Tea kettle handle


  • Bedside light switches
  • Backs of chairs
  • Hand railings on stairs
  • Window latches
  • Curtain pulls
  • Vacuum handle, hoses, and inside canister
  • Screen door handle
  • Phone and computer charger plugs
  • AirPods or headphones
  • Arms and arm rests of couches and chairs


  • Shower door handle or glass door slider
  • Shower and tub knobs
  • Hair brush/curling iron/hairdryer handles
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste tube
  • Soap dish
  • Medicine cabinet knob
  • Top of soap dispenser/pump
  • Faucet handle/toilet handle

Clothing & Laundry

  • Tops and laces of shoes/ bottom of shoes (when someone coughs or sneezes the virus will fall to the floor and land on top of shoes or on the floor)
  • Zippers (on everything! Coats and jackets especially if they are worn in public)
  • Purse handles, zippers, and bottom
  • Washing machine buttons/dials and lid
  • Dryer buttons and lid
  • Laundry basket interior and handles


  • Keys, keychains, and key cards
  • Reusable grocery bags
  • Mailbox handle
  • Steering wheel/gear shift
  • Car door handles (interior & exterior)
  • Car push to start button

If you think of any more let me know so I can add them to the list! Sharing knowledge is power these days!

One tip that a friend recommended, to make disinfecting surfaces easier was, if possible, to change the surfaces materials. One example might be changing the door handles, to a material such as bronze, which germs might find harder to live on. Companies similar to AIT XIA Dialog along with many others might be able to provide a product to help with this concern.

And if all this disinfecting has made your hands flaky and cracked, check out my post on how to fix your dry AF hands. Lots of good tips on there, including this soap that I swear has saved my hands this month.

And one more thing…if you’re sitting home bored and want to browse some great sales going on right now, check out this Quarantine Sales post. Tons of amazing sales, some even better than Black Friday!


Things you forgot to disinfect

Things you forgot to disinfect

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