How to Keep Your Hair Cleaner for Longer with Waterless Haircare

How to Keep Your Hair Cleaner for Longer

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Since I have so much downtime at home these days, I’ve been focusing a lot on my skincare and hair care routines.

I’ve developed a great nighttime retinol regimen, which I really think is helping with my prior skin issues. And I’ve also settled into a really great hair care routine that guarantees my hair will be fresh & fluffy, no matter how many days I go without washing.

Waterless dry shampoo

I was recently introduced to a brand called Waterless which, to be honest, has been the saving grace of my quarantine hair. I never have to show up to a Zoom meeting with greasy roots ever again!

A Brand With A Mission

Waterless was developed by scientists in South Africa, shortly before the 2018 Day Zero water crisis in Cape Town. The city was 3 months away from running out of water, so the need for a product that could stretch the time between hair washes and work on diverse hair types was more necessary than ever. Waterless dry shampoo and conditioners are designed to give you great smelling, fresh, clean hair without even a drop of water.

Waterless dry shampoo

I’ve personally been testing the Waterless products for several weeks now, and I can assure you the hype is real. One thing I love about their No Residue Dry Shampoo is that it is residue-free.

So even if you have super dark roots like I do (even darker now, thanks to quarantine! *insert eye roll*), there is no white, powdery substance that covers your roots like other dry shampoos do. It takes my Day 3 & 4 hair from greasy and flat to fluffy and full.

I also love that the Waterless No Residue Dry Shampoo is formulated with a fine tapioca starch, and without any parabens, alcohol, or sulfates.

Waterless dry shampoo

how to keep your hair cleaner

How to Keep Your Hair Cleaner For Longer with Waterless Haircare

Here are a few more tips on how to keep your hair cleaner for longer, whether it’s during quarantine or any time.

Shampoo Thoroughly

A trick I’ve learned from hairdressers is that you should wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo to make sure you’re removing all the residue. If your hair doesn’t produce a thick lather from your first round of shampoo, shampoo it again for best results. This will give you a good foundation of clean hair to start with.

Use a Moisturizing Conditioner

If you have color-treated hair that gets dry and damaged, try using a moisturizing conditioner to keep your locks supple and soft.

Heat Protectant

If you use any kind of heat on your hair (a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron), a protecting heat spray is a must have. I’ve been using this Heat Shield spray and I highly recommend it!

Dry Shampoo & Dry Conditioner

On days 3 & 4 (and sometimes day 5, because let’s be real, I’m not washing my hair any more than necessary during quarantine), I use the Waterless Dry Shampoo to refresh my flat, oily roots around the crown of my head. I quickly spritz a few times by lifting the hair closest to the root. Then I jouje it up with my fingers for a little extra fullness on top. It only takes a few seconds to give my hair the bounce and volume of Day 1 hair!

And since I have color treated hair that’s prone to breakage, my day 3 roots get greasy, but my ends get super dry and frizzy. I also spray Waterless Dry Conditioner on the ends to make them soft and shiny.

The Waterless Dry Conditioner is truly a miracle worker. I’ve used dry conditioners in the past, but have never found one that actually gave me smooth, shiny, manageable hair as if it had been freshly washed. This Dry Conditioner is the perfect balance of smoothing and shine enhancing, but without feeling heavy or greasy. I highly recommend!

Waterless dry shampoo

So, if you follow the steps above with Waterless products, you should be able to extend your hair washing schedule a few extra days…and no one will be the wiser. You can grab all these products online at Walmart!

I know that when we come out of quarantine, we’ll want to do all the things we haven’t been able to. And who has time to constantly be washing their hair between nail appointments, workout classes at the gym, happy hours with friends, and cozy date nights in?

So, now I’m curious to hear, how many of you have extended the time between your hair washes during quarantine?

how to keep your hair cleaner

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