The 20 Best Adidas Samba Alternatives & Adidas Samba Dupes

The Best Adidas Samba Dupes Online

The Best Adidas Samba Dupes Online

If there is one shoe company to buy stock in this season it’s most certainly Adidas. Thanks to their classic Samba and Gazelle styles making a huge comeback in a nod to all things 90’s, Adidas has become the ‘IT’ brand as of late. However, these shoes are not cheap, with some custom colors and styles running high into the hundreds. In today’s post I’m showing you all the best Adidas dupes right now , and alternatives to these popular styles.


Where to Shop for Adidas Lookalikes?


Where to Find the Cheapest Adidas Sambas and Gazelles?

Adidas seems to have somewhat knocked off their own line of shoes, and have an affordable line of styles very much like the original Sambas and Gazelles. You can get these at many retailers for about 30% less than what they charge for the OG models.

Here are links to some of the best places to buy these Adidas styles:


Why are Adidas Sambas and Gazelles sold out everywhere?

As I said above, these are THE shoe of the season. They have become super popular to wear dressed up or down, and therefore have been in high demand. The limited edition color ways are even more in demand on resale sites like StockX and GOAT.


Do Adidas Sneakers Run Big or Small?

From my experience I’ve found that Adidas actually run a half size large. I always size down 1/2 size in my Adidas shoes to ensure the most accurate fit. If you are between sizes I would possibly go down a full size.


The Best Adidas Samba Dupes Online

Adidas Samba Dupes on Amazon*If Amazon links aren’t opening in the app, press and HOLD the link until it gives you the option to Open in App*

The Best Adidas Samba Dupes on Amazon

These are the style I spoke about above – they are very similar to the original Sambas, and made by Adidas, but at about 30-40% less. They feature a lot of the same color ways and gum soles as the originals as well.

If these are not available on Amazon, I also found them here for a VERY affordable price, as well as here. You need to add them to the cart to see the final price 🙂



Adidas Samba Alternatives on Amazon

Black Adidas Samba Alternatives

I love the retro take on these low profile sneakers. The black and white stripes give almost the same look as the Adidas Sambas.


Adidas Gazelle Alternatives by Puma

Name Brand Alternatives for Adidas Sambas

The gum sole and light grey suede accents on these shoes definitely throw off a similar vibe to the Adidas Samba sneakers. These also come in a ton of colors. I love this pink and green pair – they’re so fun for Summer!


Samba Lookalike Sneakers on Amazon

Adidas Samba Dupes by Steve Madden

Steve Madden has never let us down, and these Adidas lookalikes are no exception. At the $60 price point these can’t be beat! Score them even cheaper with a coupon code or during a sale.

They also come in a gorgeous metallic silver, and a deep emerald green suede variation (shown further down in this post).

Target Adidas Dupes

Adidas Sneaker Dupes at Target

You can find these Adidas alternative sneakers at your local Target (Buy Online and do Drive Up order so you don’t need to even get out of the car!). They win in the category of cheapest Adidas dupes, coming in at only $34.

Adidas Alternatives at Nike Killshot

Adidas Alternatives at Nike

Nike also offers a nice low profile sneaker, complete with a gum sole, that makes them a great Adidas alternative choice.

Alternatives to Adidas Samba Sneakers

Gum Sole Adidas Alternatives

New Balance sneakers have also had quite a moment during these past few years. This version of their low profile sneaker features a gum sole just like the Adidas Sambas & Gazelles.


Samba Lookalikes on Amazon with Prime Shipping

Amazon Version of Adidas Sambas

This pair is a great alternative if you don’t mind an Amazon lookalike pair of Adidas. These are supposedly also a dupe of J.Crew’s Field Sneaker, which retails for $118.

Pink Adidas Samba Dupes

Pink Adidas Samba Dupes

If you’re looking for a pop of color to any outfit, try these pink Adidas Samba alternatives. They also come in a ton of gorg colors, like pastel blue, and bright red. These are my personal faves, as I already own 3 pairs of them! You can see what they look like IRL in the cover photo above (the red version).

Original Samba Dupe Sneakers

Original Samba Dupe Sneakers

I love these black leather sneakers that are super similar to the original Sambas.

Adidas Gazelle Dupes

Adidas Samba Dupes Near Me (Pickup Today!)

If you’re in a pinch and need a pair of gum sole sneakers right away, I love the pay online and pick up in store option these shoes offer!


Gazelle Bold Dupes on Amazon

Adidas Gazelle Bold Dupes (Platform Adidas)

If you need a little height like I do (who doesn’t?) I recommend this platform alternative of the Adidas Gazelle Bold.

I also LOVE this gray and powder blue version of the platform Gazelles!

Adidas Dupe Sneakers

Low Profile Gum Sole Sneakers Under $75



Green Samba Dupes

Green Adidas Samba Alternatives

I am completely obsessed with this color green right now. It reminds me of vintage tennis courts – the smell of tennis balls in the Summer…ahh.

Best Adidas Samba Dupes on Amazon

Most Comfortable Adidas Lookalike Sneakers

Another popular brand right now, these shoes are known for comfort. They’d be the perfect walking shoe for a Summer vacation trip to Europe!


Green Adidas Gazelle Dupes

Green Suede Adidas Lookalikes

I’m in love with this deep emerald suede pair of Adidas Samba lookalikes.


Leopard Print Adidas Dupes

Leopard Print Adidas Dupes

Leopard print is trending hard right now – and these sneakers are no exception! I love this version of these limited edition Adidas sneakers.

I’m also have this pair of leopard print sneakers on my wishlist – I love the silver metallic stripe that adds just a little something extra.


Veja Dupes on Amazon

High Rated Low Profile Tennis Sneakers

Black and White Adidas Samba Dupes

Black and White Adidas Lookalike Sneakers


Badminton Tennis Shoes Adidas Dupe

Trending Badminton Sneakers

This brand is trending upwards this season and I do see why. Their design is super similar to the Adidas Sambas, but adds a unique touch seeing as they are specifically badminton sneakers.

Samba Dupes DH Gate

Samba Dupes DH Gate Version

If you really want something that looks exactly like the real thing, here is the best listing I’ve found on “The Fence”. They have over 2,200 reviews and photos that show exactly what the product looks like when it arrives.


Campus 00 Dupes

Campus 00 Dupes on DH Gate

This is the DH Gate version of Adidas Campus 00’s. This seller has a fair price and many reviews!


I hope this was helpful in your search for some Adidas sneaker lookalikes. I feel like these Adidas style sneakers will rival my black Prada loafers as my go-to footwear this season. (If you’re looking for the best Prada loafer dupes, check out this post here.)

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The Best Adidas Samba Dupes Online

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