How to Fix Dry AF Hands

How to Fix Dry Hands

How to Fix Dry Hands


Since we’re all washing our hands 14723946x per day now, you know as well as I do that they have a tendency to dry out and look like an 85 year old grandma’s hands. Which, sorry Grams, but it’s not a cute look. So, here’s what I have been doing to fix my dry AF hands during these quarantine times.

:: How to Fix Dry Hands ::


Switch your Soap

First off, if you don’t use one already, I recommend switching to an oil based soap. They still offer the same germ protection, but I find these less drying and more gentle on skin. I’ve been washing my hands 162571x per day for the past 3 weeks and have yet to see any major dryness, which I accredit to my soap.

This brand is my favorite and I use it in the bathrooms and at the kitchen sink. They make the most unique scents (made with all natural essential oils) like Fig & Basil, but my favorites are the Rosemary & Mint and Sweet Almond. You can get an entire liter of my favorite scent here for under $17.


Apply Moisturizers & Oils

After washing hands or showering, apply a moisturizing cream, a healing ointment, and follow it up with an oil. This is a lot of steps to do every time you wash your hands, so I especially like to do this before bedtime.

I first apply this clean beauty brand moisturizer while hands are still damp/wet. I follow by applying this ointment, and then I follow it up with pure jojoba oil or watercress oil to seal in the moisture. You’ll wake up with hands soft as a baby!


Take it a Step Further for Super Dry & Cracked Hands

If you want to take it a step further you can wear a pair of moisturizing gloves which will heal hands while you sleep. Growing up in New England, I always used to do this during the Winter and it truly does work!

Add a generous amount of this balm to hands (I like to think this stuff is a New England secret weapon — it’s used by farmers and people who work with their hands 24/7).  This is another good balm to use if you can’t find the first one. Rub hands together until it is evenly applied.

If your hands are visibly cracked and painful, you can also add some medicated Neosporin ointment first for extra healing. Place cotton gloves or moisturizing gloves on your hands and sleep overnight with them covered. Be sure to keep up the moisturizing during the day, if possible.

I hope these tips helped to keep your hands soft & smooth during these Coronavirus times. Handwashing is key to keeping this virus away, but that doesn’t mean your hands have to suffer!

And, as a side note, if you’re stuck at home right now and need something to occupy your time, be sure to check out my post of Quarantine Sales, some of which are better than Black Friday! Even if a lot of us aren’t spending money right now, it’s still fun to add items to our cart and daydream of the days when we can wear our outfits somewhere other than inside the house 🙂



How to Fix Dry Hands


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