Morning Skincare Routine for Breakout Prone Skin

Morning Skincare Routine for Breakout Prone Skin

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After I recently did an Ulta unboxing on my IG stories, a few viewers have been asking me to post my full morning skincare routine. I have spent years testing products that will work with my dry, yet somehow sensitive AND breakout-prone skin type, and I’m happy to say I’ve finally settled into a routine that works! Finding effective women’s and men’s skincare products can be very challenging, so I’ve spent a while doing some research. My skin is very problematic but I think I’ve finally found some products that help me! Finding the right products for the skin could go a long way to preserve the natural look and glow of your skin. You too, could look at different skincare brands, similar to zo skincare canada and similar others to find the products that choose you.

I follow this routine, along with my nighttime routine (which I’ll tackle in another post), and it’s left my skin relatively breakout free. If you want to look further afield at other essentials and dip your toe in to see how your skin reacts, you may want to check out Skinceuticals products, amongst others, to widen your range and hopefully find something else that can be added to your regime.

So, below is the order in which I apply the products. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions on the products or order in which I apply them.

Ice Roller

The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is take my ice roller out of the freezer and roll it on my face. I don’t usually do this in the Winter because, well, it’s cold enough – but in the Spring and Summer months it really refreshes the skin and de-puffs it nicely. It’s also super handy on mornings after a late night of drinks or a salty sushi meal to get the extra face bloat out.

Cleanser – Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Facewash

The next step is to cleanse the skin from the previous night’s products. I have a whole different skincare routine for nighttime (lol) that contains some photosensitive products (which react in the sunlight) so those have to be removed before going anywhere.

I use this holy grail cleanser from Desert Essence which is tea tree oil based. When I first used this I felt like I was in a forest (if you know what tea tree oil smells like then you get it), but now I am totally hooked. And even though it’s tea tree based, it’s not drying at all, which is perfect for my dry, but somehow breakout prone skin.

Microdermabrasion – Neutrogena Microdermabrasion Kit

A few times a week, in conjunction with my cleanser, I will also use this Neutrogena microdermabrasion system. The device comes with little pads that exfoliate and buff the skin to a beautiful finish, but isn’t super harsh on sensitive skin like mine. It leaves my face SO soft and smooth!

Toner – Tula Glycolic Toner

Next comes the toner step. To be honest, in the past I always skipped toner because I never really felt like it did anything for me. But this toner is different because it contains glycolic acid which leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. I swear this product has helped me get rid of all those pesky dry skin flakes!

Sunscreen – Coola Mineral Sun Silk Cream

My number one rule is “Sunscreen everyday!”. Especially now, living in California where the sun’s rays are around most of the year, this is super important. I recently tried Coola’s Mineral Sun Silk Cream and was amazed at how light and smooth it applied. And the best part is that it provides SPF 30 coverage without leaving a white cast and without breaking me out!

Eye Cream – IS Clinical Youth Eye Complex

Okay, in all fairness, I have not yet tried this IS Clinical eye cream yet. But it’s at the top of my list of products to try because estheticians like Shani Darden swear by it. If you don’t know who she is, she’s a Hollywood esthetician and works on stars like the Kardashians, Jessica Alba, and Shay Mitchell. In other words, she knows her stuff!

Moisturizer – Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream

On days when I’m feeling extra dry I apply this Tula Hydrating Day & Night cream. It gives me just the right amount of moisture without leaving my skin greasy and, again, without breaking me out! Although, sometimes this does not work if you have a different skin type namely if you do have particularly oily skin then perhaps trying products like bee naturals oil free moisturizer could be a better option to suit your skin needs.

Serum & Oil – Andalou Naturals Moroccan Beauty Oil

If I want to go for that extra dewy, no-makeup look I will apply about a dime size amount of this oil on my skin once the moisturizer has had time to sink in. Even though this formula is an oil, it’s super gentle on breakout prone skin, and won’t cause any clogged pores!

So, that’s it for my morning skincare routine! If you have any questions on the products or the order in which I do it, please don’t hesitate to reach out — I can easily be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Morning Skincare Routine for Breakout Prone Skin

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