Your Complete Guide to Denim Shorts

Guide to Denim Shorts

Guide to Denim Shorts

Ahh, the season of shorts is finally here! Well, not quite here yet, because May Gray and June Gloom have decided to hang out a bit longer than I would have liked….BUT

Most parts of the country have already begun sweating to the bejeezus in the heat, so shorts are def in full rotation there.

I am WAY too familiar with the struggle to find a good pair of denim cutoffs: a good rise that doesn’t show the muffin top, not too short so the booty hangs out (never wore these at 16, and definitely don’t wear them now!), and the perfect rinse that goes with everything in your wardrobe. Not to mention they must make the butt look good. Like, this is essential.

So, I’ve compiled a massive list of all my favorite brands, styles, washes, rises, hems, and price points. And don’t worry, I’ve included a HUGE range of price points, from $20-$250. So there’s something for everyone here! (Even an Under $50 category, keep scrolling to the end!)

There are categories for:

  • High Rise shorts (the ones to wear with crop tops and shorter tops)
  • Boyfriend Shorts (best for casual days or just hanging around)
  • Paperbag Shorts (such a cute style, also good for wearing with crop tops)
  • White & Black shorts (for those who have enough blue denim in their wardrobe)
  • Bermuda Shorts (making a comeback this year, perfect for those who don’t like to show a lot of leg)
  • Overall shorts (for something a little different)
  • Shorts Under $50 (leaves more money for drinks by the pool!)


High Rise/Mom Shorts

(high rise waist, full muffin top coverage)

Boyfriend Shorts

(lower rise, more relaxed)

Paperbag Waist/Belted Shorts

(high waist with ruching/belt)

Bermuda Shorts

(longer on the leg)

Overall Shorts

Black & White Denim Shorts

50 Shorts Under $50

So, did you find a pair you liked? Or maybe more than one? I’m definitely purchasing a few new pairs this Summer, most likely in a high rise, so I can wear all the cute crop tops!

I also haven’t been as active wiht the blog posts lately, but if you have sensitive, breakout prone skin like I do, make sure to check out my morning skincare routine, it’s got some helpful tips to keep your skin looking fresh this Summer!



Guide to Denim Shorts

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