The Most Creative White Elephant Gifts & Ideas

Creative White Elephant Gifts

Creative White Elephant Gifts

2020 has been a weird year, and whether you’re attending a virtual Christmas party or a socially distanced White Elephant/Yankee Swap, here are some ideas that are sure to bring the laughs.

It can be hard to come up with creative White Elephant gifts & ideas, but hopefully this list will be helpful! Also, be sure to read the captions, the add-ons are sometimes what makes the gift the one everyone will be fighting over!

Most of these are available on Amazon Prime for quick delivery, too.


Creative White Elephant Gifts

Giant Bread Loaf Pillow

Perfect for the carb lovers. Bring this with a fresh Italian loaf or French baguette for extra carby goodness.


For all the 2000’s kids

Shake Weight

We’ve all seen the commercials, now you’ll get to try it out in real life.

The Clapper

A classic gag gift.

Beer Soap

For those who like to drink beer in the shower. Pair this gift with a 6-pack OR an in –shower beer holder for a white elephant gift everyone will fight over.

Squatty Potty

Just sayin’. This one is usually a winner at white elephant parties!

Sushi Making Kit

Bring this along with a goldfish in a bag and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Don’t F Up The Table Coasters

I would totally be the one fighting over these at a white elephant party! Add a bottle of wine and this will be THE gift.

Trump Toilet Brush & Toilet Paper

Self explanatory, no?

Donald Trump VooDoo Doll

Chicken cookbook

Maybe also wrap this up with a rotisserie chicken (or a rubber chicken) for effect?

High as a kite

If you live in California (or a state where weed is legal) top this present off with a rolled joint (you can buy them for under $10). I guarantee you people will be fighting, and you’ll be the office favorite.

Nature’s D Pics

I mean, come on, this is funny!

The Art of Growing a Beard

Give this to the guy who can’t grow a beard to save his life. Maybe add in a box of Rogaine.


This is something you never knew you needed in your life. Be sure to bring a bottle of champagne so you can “practice” using it.

Mini Waffle Maker

Not super creative, but I guarantee people will want this gift. Wrap it up with some waffle mix and a bottle of maple syrup!

Never Have I Ever – the game of poor decisions

I feel like games are always fought over at these things, no?

Chick Fil A Sauce

If you’re in a food loving crowd, this one will be the star of the show.

Tortilla Blanket

This also comes in pizza, waffle, and cookie varieties, too.

Tiny Hands

Everyone could use an extra set of hands during the Holiday season! Present these holding a $20 bill.

World’s Okayest Employee Mug

When you know you’re not employee of the month.

Bob Ross Color Changing Mug

Who couldn’t use some “happy little clouds” in their life?

Poo book

This should be a workplace essential.

Notorious RBG Shirt

All hail the queen!

Desktop Beach

Keep this at your desk so you can permanently be on vacation.

Dolly Parton Christmas CD

A joke, but also not a joke because I love Dolly! But substitute in your favorite cheesy holiday album – Hanson and Bob Dylan are great ideas.

The 2020 Game

The year that sucked like no other.

Biscotti gift box

For all of you who are no fun and like to bring a normal gift!

Cat Tissue Holder

Who doesn’t love pulling tissues out of a cat’s butt?

Pins and needles

This was one of my favorite toys as a kid, and I’m pretty sure I could use it for stress relief right now. 2020, take that.

History book

Underwater Dogs

Who doesn’t love a good underwater dog?

The Meetings you’ll go to

Forget that other Dr. Suess book. This is the one you need in the real world.

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Creative White Elephant Gifts

Creative White Elephant Gifts Ideas

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