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Desenio prints review

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Desenio prints review

When we first moved into our place a couple of years ago, I was dead set on creating a modern boho aesthetic, with edgy black touches. Not sure exactly what this style was called, but let’s just go with eclectic edgy California boho. I was excited to move to California and create all the So Cal ~viBeS~ mmmk?

I wanted bold black & white prints in our living room, to compliment the giant cactus we had in the corner, the black book shelf, and the white planters around the room. Click here if you’d like to see the previous gallery wall.

While I’ve loved this look for a couple of years, I’ve recently been feeling it was time for a change. I craved a warmer, more contemporary and luxurious feel. Think chic Parisian vibes in Southern California, mixed with a dab of CB2.

Desenio prints review

Desenio Prints Review

So I recently ordered these prints from Desenio to update my wall gallery – and I absolutely love it! Desenio was founded on the belief that sophisticated art prints should be available to everyone, regardless of budget, and shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. They are continuously updating their collections several times per year, so their range always feels fresh & current.

Admittedly, they have such a HUGE selection of wall art on their website, it took me many hours to curate a mix of prints that perfectly complemented each other. But it was 100% worth it for the result. You can check out their entire site, featuring illustration prints, photography prints, graphic art, nature prints, maps & cities, and even kids’ prints.

Desenio prints review

Line art is a huge decor trend right now, so for my main print I chose a French line art piece. It’s such a light & whimsical print that I feel generates an airy flow throughout the room. I then accented this print with a geometric art print, and several other line art style prints in neutral colors.

Warm neutrals are another huge trend right now, in everything from clothing to home decor, so I wanted to make sure to incorporate these as well.

I absolutely love how it turned out! I also ordered the oak frames for the center images, and I love the light wood color. The goal was to incorporate a mix of light wood and black, so I could keep some pops of black to accent the prints.

The quality of the prints from Desenio is exceptional, as are the frames. Everything arrived, packed securely, via DHL 2-day shipping from Sweden. You really can’t beat that service!

Desenio reviews

Here are some photos of the Desenio frames. Each one comes with a protective plastic covering on both sides of the plexiglass, so make sure to remove that first.

The smaller frames also come with a table flap, in case you’d rather place your prints on a table instead of a wall. The largest frames come with super sturdy hardware to make sure everything remains in place.

Overall, I am so happy with the quality and design of everything I received from Desenio. If you’re ready to create your own wall art gallery and have any questions on exactly how to plan out and hang a wall gallery, check out this post here!

Desenio posters review

Desenio prints review

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