Sort-of-Healthy Pomegranate Gushers

Pomegranate Gushers - Quartz & Leisure

Pomegranate Gushers - Quartz & Leisure

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and sort-of-healthy dessert for Valentine’s Day (or any day), you’ve come to the right place.  Forget the chocolate covered strawberries this year, because these Pomegranate Gushers are a million times better.

Now, I say these are sort-of-healthy because they only contain 2 ingredients, one being pomegranate seeds.  So that equates to being kinda healthy in my mind.  Am I right??

And, yes, if you’ve been following along with the blog you know that I’ve personally given up processed sugars for right now (you can read why here).  But I made these per a request from a very special someone…

Pomegranate Gushers - Quartz & Leisure

So you guys, remember those Gusher fruit chews that you used to eat when you were younger?  Well, these little bite-sized bits of juicy goodness burst in your mouth just like a Gusher.  I like to call them ‘Gushers for Grown-ups’!

The chocolate shell hardens on top to give these a nice little crunch to go along with the juicy flavor burst.  It’s truly a unique flavor and texture combo that can’t be beat.

Plus, these are so simple and easy to make, it’s hard for anyone to mess them up.

Ok, so you ready?  Keep reading for the super simple directions.

Pomegranate Gushers - Quartz & Leisure

Pomegranate Gushers for Grown Ups



Makes 4-5 dozen small clusters


  • 2 cups pomegranate seeds (two packages) from Trader Joe’s (or gather the seeds by hand from a fresh pomegranate – but I will warn you this is a lot of work! It’s much easier to buy them already done.)



  1. Place the pomegranate seeds in small clusters on a baking sheet covered in wax paper (you may need more than one baking sheet). About 6-8 seeds per cluster is a good size.
  2. Try to make sure the seeds are fairly dry before covering them with the chocolate. You can gently place a paper towel over them and dab to absorb any excess moisture.
  3. Melt the Dolci Frutta chocolate in the microwave at medium heat for 30 seconds.  Remove after 30 seconds and stir.  Put in for 30 more seconds and repeat until chocolate is fully melted, but be sure to stir thoroughly each time.  The wafers retain their shape until stirred, so even if it doesn’t look melted, stir it just to be sure. Also, be very careful not to overheat the chocolate or it will not be the proper consistency.
  4. Drop the melted chocolate by spoonful onto the pomegranate clusters.  If needed, use a toothpick (or your finger) to spread the chocolate around to cover all of the seeds in the cluster.

And that’s it!  Leave the chocolate to cool and harden, which happens pretty fast.  As you can see from the pictures below, the chocolate on the left was almost dry before I was done covering the rest of the clusters.

Keep reading for one more variation on this recipe below.  

Pomegranate Gushers - Quartz & Leisure

Pomegranate Gushers - Quartz & Leisure

Pomegranate Gushers - Quartz & Leisure

You can also shape the pomegranate clusters into larger shapes and cover those with chocolate.  See how I made a larger heart shape in the picture below.

These Pomegranate Gushers are best served within a few hours of making them.  Store them uncovered at room temperature. Do not refrigerate or the chocolate will become wet with condensation and the pomegranate will get mushy.

And if you’re making these for a party, you might want to make a couple of batches, because I can pretty much guarantee these will be gone almost immediately after you put them out.

So, what are your favorite go-to easy recipes for dessert?  Let me know in the comments below!

Pomegranate Gushers - Quartz & Leisure

Pomegranate Gushers - Quartz & Leisure

Pomegranate Gushers - Quartz & Leisure


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