Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Valentine's Gifts for her

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Whatsss up, everyone?? I can’t believe February is already in full swing and Valentine’s Day is almost here! I feel like this month is just going to fly by, what about you?

So, let’s get back to VDay, shall we? Getting smothered with flowers & chocolate is nice, but don’t you also want to look cute while doing it?

OR if you’re celebrating GALentine’s this year, it’s even more important to look cute for those pink drinks & a night out on the town with your best gals. Cuz let’s be honest, we dress for other girls anyway, amiright? I’ve been looking at some custom gift boxes for her and I’m gonna buy some for my besties as a little surprise. GALentine’s is super important too so treat your gals!

I’ve gathered a few of my favorite pink, red & otherwise playful heart pieces for Valentine’s Day, to ensure you’re wearing all the appropriate gear to spread the love.

  • If you lived any of your life in the 2000’s (aka all of us) this sweatshirt is a NEED, not a WANT. (Ok ok, it’s technically a pajama set, but I would totally wear this top out in public!). Whether you’re Team N*Sync or Team Backstreet, you better quit playing games with my heart!
  • Top off your V-Day look with cute accessories such as this neck scarf, this dainty hand-hammered ring, or these fun sunnies!
  • If you’re a Disney fan, this Sleeping Beauty purse would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the princess in your life.
  • This watch is a bit of a splurge, but it’s so cute you could definitely pull it off year round. And red is going to be already is a major color this year so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to wear it.
  • And, my favorite pick, these socks are just too cheeky to pass up for only $6.50! If you know me and my sarcastic humor, these are the perfect little jab, even for someone who’s in a serious relationship. (If he doesn’t get your sense of humor by now, kick him to the curb stat). Also, if you are looking forward to gift socks, look for personalized Face Socks as that might add the perfect humor to your gift, and also, it would show how much effort you have put in for gifting that.

So, do you guys have any fun plans for Valentine’s? I personally am not a huge fan of all the fanfare, so I’ll probably opt to keep it low key this year.

If you’re also staying in but want to make some special treats at home, be sure to check out these easy recipes: my Sort-of-Healthy Chocolate Pomegranate Gushers (SO much better than chocolate covered strawberries) and Cranberry & Cabernet Poached Pears (when you cut them they leave a little red ring around the pear making it kind of look like a heart!).

And if you still need more Valentine’s Day gift inspo, click here for my previous gift guide, and click here for 10 Cozy Date Night Ideas!

Hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s my little lovebirds! <3 Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Valentine's Gifts for her

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