GIFT GUIDE: The Best Gift Ideas for Him – 2017 Edition

Gift Guide For Him 2017 - Best Gifts Ideas for Guy

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Do you have absolutely no idea what to get the men in your life?

If you answered Yes to the above question, this gift guide is for you.

Now, I did enlist a little help from some of the guys in my life to finally compile this list (you don’t want to know what my boyfriend’s first response was when I asked “What do guys want for Christmas?” Ha. And the initial response wasn’t face socks! However, he has been hinting at those as he loves a good laugh.)

But keep reading for some helpful “dude” suggestions on exactly what to get for him this year.

  • This car jumper pack is a must-have for anyone who drives a car, especially in cold climates. Literally everyone in my family has one in their cars in case of emergency. Not only will it jump your battery without relying on anyone else’s car, but this particular model also includes 12-volt and USB outlets for charging personal electronics, a compressor to fill flat tires, and a high powered LED flashlight.
  • The whole family are wanting a 50′ TV for the living room to watch our favourite winter movies this year and we still haven’t decided which TV is right for us. However, one of my friends has recommended using this
    South Charlotte TV Wall Mounting Service in order to get the thing attached to the wall in the first place! I’m sure we’ll find the right TV eventually.

  • Men are always looking for a great set of kitchen knives and this set was rated the top in 2017. And if your guy loves to grill, but doesn’t love to clean up after himself, this automatic grill cleaner will come in handy.
  • For the adventurous one, try a pair of snowshoes for those who live in cold climates, or this cool waterproof WiFi speaker for those who enjoy chilling at the beach this winter (seriously, you California guys are so lucky!)
  • For the practical guy (wait, do those actually exist?) this stand up clothes steamer takes the place of an iron. Because I’m pretty sure all guys hate to iron.
  • And whether you’re a Patriots fan or not, you can’t deny that Tom Brady has got it figured out when it comes to sustaining peak athletic performance. In this book he explains the methods he uses to maintain his edge which, in turn, have helped him win 5 Superbowl championships.
  • You may think I’m crazy, but these welding gloves are another gift that I get for my dad every year. These are meant for welding, and you may get inspired to learn how to tig weld after receiving these as a gift. And while my dad has never welded a thing in his life, these are also fireproof so they also work as fireplace gloves, for chopping wood, or for working with a blow torch (and yes, my boyfriend has actually used them for this purpose.)

Is there anything else I missed? Let me know if you come up with any more good ideas for guys…because I need all the help I can get! These chocolate tools make great gifts however my husband doesn’t like chocolate, so that’s a no go!!

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    1. Thanks Courtney! But I can’t take credit for that one, it was one of my boyfriend’s ideas! 🙂