How to Wear the Pajama Trend (Without Looking Like You Just Rolled Out of Bed)

How to Wear the Pajama Trend - Quartz & Leisure

Good morning, ladies!

Or should I say good afternoon?

Or maybe I’m just confused as to what time it is because today I am going to be covering a trend we’ve been seeing a lot of lately: the Daytime Pajama Trend.

Without a doubt, you’ve seen your favorite celebs and bloggers (Selena Gomez & Rihanna to name a couple) rockin’ PJ inspired looks out and about on the streets.

And, although it can be an intimidating look to attempt, the secret is all in the way you style it.

So, with my tips you’ll hopefully be rocking the pajamas in no time, too.

Keep reading for more tips on how to style the pajama trend!

For my look, I opted for this cropped satin pajama pantsuit with black piping. And trust me when I say this outfit is just as comfortable, silky, and soft as any pajamas that I’ve ever owned. One of the reasons I like this particular piece is that it features a wrap belt. The belt cinches the waist and gives a more flattering look than just a baggy pajama set. This jumpsuit is also UNDER $30 so it’s a very affordable piece as well!

So, if you want to make this look your own, here are some tips that will help you rock the pajama trend without looking like you’re too lazy to get dressed. Because we all know that never happens. Riiiight.

How to Wear the Daytime Pajama Trend


Now, when you’re rolling around town in something that resembles pajamas, you should always wear a killer shoe to compliment your look. Forget the flip flops or more casual shoes that could be mistaken for an “I just rolled out of bed and put these on my feet” look. You want the rest of your outfit to be polished and clean, so as not to confuse anyone that your look was not absolutely planned to perfection. A high heel pump, a patent leather boot (as I’ve worn), or even an open-toed mule would work with this look. I would stay away from flip flops, sneakers, and other flat sandals.

Keep it Right & Tight

Luckily, my pantsuit happened to be one piece and did not require any coordinating top or bottom to go with it. However, if you’re planning on wearing just the pajama top (or just the pants) here are a few more tips. Wear tighter fitting pieces to complement the flowy, baggy nature of the pajama look. For example, if you’re wearing this pajama top, then I would suggest pairing it with a pair of skinny/cuffed jeans or leather leggings. You don’t want the pants to be too baggy, because with both pieces being very “full” they will swallow you up in their billowy folds. When possible, I also recommend styles with a belt or sash along the waist to bring form to your figure.


Choose your daytime pajama pieces in a more luxurious fabric such as satin or velvet. These fabrics translate more to elegant everyday wear. Try to avoid “simple” fabrics like cotton or flannel as these will definitely be interpreted as a more casual “rolled out of bed” look.


As with the shoes, you also want to keep the accessories clean and polished. I’ve chosen to pair my look with a structured black satchel bag, a simple gold Y-necklace, fishnet tights, and some big black sunnies. All of these items demonstrate that you actually put a lot of thought and detail into styling your look and no one will even consider that you just woke up.

However, I do like how the fishnets parallel here with the “bedroom” vibe. Although fishnets are now a regular sight on the fashion scene, I believe they were commonly used for bedroom behavior in the past, am I right?

And, on the other end of the spectrum, I don’t advise venturing too much into bohemian style accessories with the pajama trend. Some of the slouchier bags and scarves may look messy and unbalanced with the rest of the look.

Hair & Makeup

I always recommend actually doing your hair & makeup when rocking the pajama trend. Again, you don’t want anyone to mistake that you were just too lazy to get dressed that morning, and taking time to do your hair and makeup will further demonstrate your look was, indeed, well thought out. No need to go extra heavy on the makeup or hair, a natural everyday look will work just fine.


If possible, wear the pajama trend with pieces that were actually intended for daily use. And by “daily use” I mean items that are meant to be worn during the day. Although it may be tempting to rock that new PJ set your mom just gave you, items made specifically for the purpose of daytime wear are constructed a bit more sturdy. They will often be made from a less sheer fabric than normal pajamas and they may have a liner layer, as well as other details, that make the look more daytime friendly.

And now, here are some examples of my favorite pajama trend looks: (click the pics to shop!)

Shop My Look:

More of my Favorite Pajama Inspired Looks:

So, what other tips can you think of for wearing the daytime pajama trend? Do you see yourself rocking the look this Spring? Let me know in the comments below!

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How to Wear the Pajama Trend - Quartz & Leisure

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