How to Rock a Fashion Inspired Costume for Halloween


How to Rock a Fashion Inspired Halloween Costume

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up and getting into character, if even for just the night!

I try to choose unique costumes each year, but I usually end up taking the easy route and buying one online.

And even if you do get store-bought there’s still a trick I use to make that costume my own. I usually will hand-make my own accessories to enhance it. Accessories are the key, people!

It also ensures that even if someone else at the party has the same costume, yours will be different and it won’t be A-W-K when you run into each other…

This year I’ve compiled a few of my favorite fashion inspired costumes for you to check out. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed creating this post. (Again, anything related to Halloween costumes doesn’t even feel like work to me.)


First done by Ashley Madekwe and her husband in 2013, and made even more famous by Fergie and Josh Duhamel in 2015, they rocked it so well I still can’t get it out of my head!

Apparently, Kendall Jenner was also a fan of this fashion inspired costume, as she donned her own interpretation of it last year, proving that you don’t even need a boyfriend to make this costume work.

For the Choupette costume, pair a simple white bodysuit or tank with a maribou fur bolero or shawl (you could even use a white maribou boa in a pinch-you can find them for less than $10 at most craft stores). Add a white pencil skirt or a bodycon mini skirt if you’re feeling daring.

Complete the look with some cat ears, a furry tail (again, the craft store boa should work great), and some painted on whiskers. If you want a little bit of extra edge, add some fingerless gloves and the silver chain leash (if you can’t find a leash you can buy footage chain at any Home Depot).

You’ll find everything you need to create a Karl Lagerfeld & Choupette costume in the sliders below:


How to Rock a Fashion Inspired Costume - Quartz & Leisure

A super simple, yet effective, fashion inspired costume is this ‘Devil Wears Prada’ costume. It’s simplicity makes it so easy to pull off – you can probably use things you already have in your closet!

Literally, you only need a red dress and some cute devil accessories to make this costume a success. Pretty much any black shoes or boots you have in your closet will look great, or mix it up with some Prada-inspired leopard print shoes.

You’ll also need access to a computer printer to cut out a Prada logo to affix to the dress. Just google ‘Prada logo’ and some similar looks should pop up. I’m not sure on the legalities of this, however, so you’re on your own there!

Finish your look with some vampy makeup and dark red lips, which are so on trend right now. And, for a little makeup trick you may not know about, you can make any of your favorite lipsticks a little more dark and mysterious with NYX Cosmetics’ V’Amped Up! Lip Top Coat.

The NYX Top Coat works just like a lip crayon and you can use it over pretty much any color you already have, although it works particularly well on reds and dark pinks. It’s not super glossy either, so feel free to use it with all your liquid matte shades before they dry (ahem, Kylie Lip Kits!) . It’s a great way to instantly double the color options in your lipstick stash!

Unlike the Karl Lagerfeld & Choupette costume that only true fashionistas will understand, even the most fashion challenged guys should appreciate this costume!

In the slider below are some essentials you’ll need for a Devil Wearing Prada costume:


If you grew up in the 90’s you no doubt remember the iconic and colorful characters designed by the one and only Lisa Frank. If you were like me, you probably had at least one of these designs on your Trapper Keeper, notebook, or at the very least, you decorated your school swag with her stickers.

Ok, so this isn’t necessarily a fashion inspired costume, BUT Lisa Frank did just launch a line of athletic wear for women (I know–it’s pretty much like everythaang.)

You can check out the full line here, available exclusively on this website! Just trust me, it’ll be the best thing you’ve ever seen!

And since I love Lisa Frank oh-so-much, I’m including a secret coupon code for you to use. Its good for 10% off your total purchase! Use code: QLLISAFRANK at checkout.

How to Rock a Fashion Inspired Costume - Quartz & Leisure
“How cool is this? Every time you squat and stand back up in these Skye Leggings, a unicorn gets its wings…literally.” – Shape Magazine

To me, successful Halloween costumes are all about the accessories! The more details the better. Just in case the full on head-to-toe Lisa Frank look is too flashy for the occasion, I’ve picked a few accessories that will get the point across without completely color blinding your friends and family.

See all of my essentials for a Lisa Frank inspired costume in the slider below:

So, would you rock a fashion inspired costume? Which one is your fave? And don’t you absolutely love that Lisa Frank is back!? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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