How to Get Glam on a Budget

CVS Glamsquad review

This is a sponsored post in partnership with CVS Beauty and the InfluenceHer Collective. All opinions are my own.

CVS Glamsquad review
The most festive time of year is sadly over, but that’s no excuse not to be glam during the other 11 months of the year!

Don’t you wish there was a place you could go and your hair & makeup would be done for you in the snap of a finger?

Well, I’m here to tell you there is. And that place is called CVS. Yes, you’re hearing right. Your neighborhood CVS pharmacy has teamed up with Glamsquad to bring you professional makeup & beauty applications right to your backyard.

I mean, my hair and face are already thanking their lucky stars!

Select CVS stores in NYC, Boston, LA, and Miami have completely revamped their beauty departments to now include tons of indie/clean beauty brands, hygiene stations, and tester products available to “try before you buy.” PLUS the addition of the GSQ by Glamsquad stations where you can get a hair blowout/style, professional makeup applications (even lash applications!), tutorials, and even Studex ear piercing for a super affordable price. Even if you don’t have CVS that offers these services near you then you may be able to find some glam treatments by searching terms such as eyelash extensions in Edgewater or eyebrow threading near me for a location-specific search if this was preferable. Getting glam on a budget does not mean you don’t have to spend money on services, it could also mean that you are more selective about the services you choose to spend your money on.

Karity review

CVS Glamsquad Review / GSQ by Glamsquad Review

I recently visited my local CVS in Los Angeles to see what the buzz was about. I was not sure what to expect, but let me just say, I was completely blown away by the service. My makeup artist Johanna applied my makeup to perfection! She also explained every product in detail, and made sure to use only products that wouldn’t react on my breakout prone/sensitive, yet dry, skin. She was fabulous!

I brought in inspo photos of the makeup look I wanted to achieve (soft glam with warm neutral tones, plus some dramatic lashes. THIS was my inspo image). She loved the concept and got to work right away, blending everything together to perfection.

Below are some of my favorite products we used to create my look:

CVS Glamsquad review

Karity eyeshadow palette

I love that she paid attention to my skin’s needs, and mainly stuck to clean beauty products that did not contain any harsh chemicals.

Some of the new brands I discovered and ended up LOVING:

  • OLIVE (all natural, organic skincare, grown and formulated on an olive farm in New Zealand. Their products do not contain any GMO ingredients, petroleum, silicone oils, synthetic colors or fragrances, meaning they’re great for my sensitive skin)
  • KARITY (cruelty-free makeup that donates a portion of proceeds to dog shelters)
  • JOAH (a Korean beauty brand – I loved their Blur Activator Mineral Primer, it blurred my pores to oblivion!)
  • CRÈME SHOP (another cruelty-free Korean beauty brand dedicated to bringing you high quality cosmetics at an affordable price point. They also have the cutest packaging!)

Creme shop review

Creme shop review

Another thing worth noting, is that ALL of these products and services are very affordable.

You know I love nothing more than a bargain, and I believe that quality does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Most of these products are under $15, which is a steal for the high quality you’re getting.

And, I’m sure you’re wondering how much their application services cost. I’ve taken a photo of their price list below, but a full makeup application is only $35, and eyelash application is FREE when you purchase lashes in the store.This is perfect for someone like me, who has to allocate an extra 25 mins for lashes when I try and apply at home.

Trust me, it’s way easier to just let the Glamsquad do it for you!

CVS Glamsquad review

So, all in all, I would 1000% return for a makeup application, and I can’t wait to try a blowout and style, too! I’m normally a big do-it-yourself’er, so for me to rave about this service is pretty meaningful! And I’m pumped that CVS will now be carrying the indie lines I mentioned above, it’s something new & exciting to shop for in store!

Right now the GSQ by Glamsquad services are only in select CVS stores (in New York City at 49th & Broadway and Los Angeles at 8490 Beverly Blvd. near the Beverly Center), but CVS has plans to largely expand their services going into 2020.

If you enjoyed my CVS Glamsquad review, be sure to follow along with CVS (@cvs_beauty) and GSQ by Glamsquad (@GSQbyGlamsquad) on Instagram!

CVS Glamsquad review

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