Pearl Embellished Sweater & White Booties

H&M Pearl sweater, lace up skirt, white booties

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H&M Pearl sweater, lace up skirt, white booties

So I feel like I’ve been very MIA lately…on the blog, on Insta stories, etc, but I have a good reason…kinda.

I haven’t really been feeling well ever since Black Friday weekend. (I know, what a weekend to get sick).

H&M Pearl sweater, lace up skirt, white booties

H&M Pearl sweater, lace up skirt, white booties

Since my family was kinda scattered across the country for actual Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, we decided to get together on Saturday to have our own family feast.

My mom, dad and grandmother were supposed to go to my uncle’s on Thanksgiving Day, but my mom woke up Thursday morning feeling really sick so they all decided not to go. She got up on Friday and prepared the entire dinner for Saturday, feeling a little bit better as the day went on.

H&M Pearl sweater, lace up skirt, white booties

Then Saturday, right before everyone arrived at their house, my dad fell sick with the same virus! So he stayed quarantined in his room for the day, while I ran around the house wiping down every possible surface with Clorox wipes, trying to prevent the disease from infecting the rest of us.

He did come out at night briefly to say hi to me and my aunt who were chatting on the couch, but we made sure to keep a safe distance.

H&M Pearl sweater, lace up skirt, white booties

Well, that obviously didn’t work because the next day I caught the virus! Let me tell you, I’ve never had a stomach flu like this one. I won’t go into details (lol), but it was reallllly bad. I was up the entire night on Sunday and it lasted into Monday as well.

I was completely traumatized, but I survived.

Side note: I forgot how much I HATE throwing up. Is it just me or is the nauseous feeling right before you hurl the absolute worst?! Ugh. 

H&M Pearl sweater, lace up skirt, white booties

I’m also finding as an adult it takes even longer to fully recover from things like this, does anyone else feel like that too?! Like, I need a full 1-2 weeks to get my whole routine back to normal. My appetite, my energy, my strength, etc.

Anyway, this past Friday I was on my way to a Christmas party when my grandmother called me and said she needed me to drive  her to the hospital! (Don’t worry, she’s fine now, but it was a scary moment at the time!).  So we were also dealing with that situation all week.

H&M Pearl sweater, lace up skirt, white booties

Then on Monday I’m pretty sure I got food poisoning from a burrito I ate in NYC (DM me if you want to know which restaurant). So that took the life out of me, too! Just what I needed on top of the stomach bug.

Unintended bonus: my stomach is super flat these days! Yesss.

And NOW, I have a freaking COLD with a throat situation going on. You know, a sore throat, but with that tickle you get when you simply breathe the wrong way…your eyes start to water and you get choked up and start coughing, but yet nothing seems to make the tickle go away? Yep, that’s what I got. Awesome.

Don’t they know I have Christmas shopping to do, presents to wrap, holiday content to create?!

H&M Pearl sweater, lace up skirt, white booties

{shop my look}

Anyway, these are all the reasons I haven’t really been feeling up to doing much lately. BUT, I do have some good news. According to the poll I did last week on Insta stories, about 90% of you said you would like me to do some giveaways for the holidays…so that’s just what we’re gonna do!

I have one coming up on Sunday that’s through the blog, and it’s for a $1000 gift card to ASOS. I’m totally jealous I can’t enter that one myself!

And then on Monday I have a giveaway with some blogger friends on Instagram that will be for a $500 Nordstrom gift card, which is another great prize.

And that’s not all, folks. I have a bunch of stuff here that I’d love to give away to some of you, so I will be doing either 1 or 2 more giveaways. I haven’t figured out exactly what I’ll do to enter, but it will be something simple.

Now, let’s just hope I can kick this cold/throat tickle situation and get my butt in gear for the rest of the Holiday season. (PS- it has now turned into a mild form of laryngitis and I have hardly any voice, ugh, what is wrong with me!)

How have you guys been surviving the Holiday stretch? Hopefully you’ve been staying healthy & warm inside!

Thanks for reading!


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