Feelin’ Fancy AF with VICI Collection

I can’t believe it’s already August. I feel like Summer has just started, and there it goes, just stealthily slipping into August.

I usually spend my Summer weekends at the beach in Old Saybrook, CT as I’ve done for most of my life, but I haven’t gotten quite as much beach time this year as I would’ve liked. #thestruggle

However, on this particular day, I took a Monday morning off and planned a bunch of shoots in the beach area. I figured if I was focused we could get a bunch accomplished and be super productive. Which, I am happy to say, we were!

Now, if you’ve never heard of VICI Collection and their website of entirely cute clothes, well, allow me to introduce you!

I am so completely obsessed with everything on their site (www.vicicollection.com), it was so hard to narrow down my choices. This jumpsuit was one of my first choices and when I got it in it did not disappoint. I chose it because I felt like it was a bit more fancy and tailored than my usual style and I wanted to show off something a little different. The flowy pants made me feel posh AF so I thought I would take it down to the marina and pretend that I had just walked off a really large yacht. #goals

And I will tell you, the jumpsuit was definitely a head turner, even amongst the “yacht” crowd. Haha.

Anyway, in other exciting news…I just booked a trip to Italy! Sicily, to be exact.

It’s been penciled into the schedule for a while now, but we finally just pulled the trigger and finalized the dates we’re going.

So, yeahh, I am leaving in 3 DAYS. Do you want to ask me about anxiety?

BUT I’m really excited to show you guys all around Sicily through my photos and Insta stories. Maybe I’ll even do my first Instagram Live there?! (If you like this idea leave me a comment, either here or on Instagram please!)

I used to call myself a frequent traveler, but I realized I haven’t been traveling at all this year and it makes me sad. I used to travel somewhere exciting at least once a month for work, but I no longer do and I miss it. I have so many travel tips & tricks that I’ve learned and that I want to share with you guys, so stay tuned for some more travel content to come!

Anyway, this is your friendly reminder to make sure you’re following along on social media so you don’t miss anything that happens in Sicily! You can find me on: InstagramTwitter & Pinterest, so come on and join the party! 🙂

Talk soon, babes!


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    1. Yes, VICI has such cuuute stuff! Thanks for reading, Briana! 🙂