Neutral Fall Decor Under $20

Neutral Fall Decor

Easy Neutral Fall CenterpieceI’m finding that more and more, many of us ~sKiP oVer~ Thanksgiving decor and go straight to Christmas once Halloween is over. But this year, I actually have some out of town guests visiting for Thanksgiving, so I wanted to have some cute, but inexpensive, neutral Fall decor to give the full Autumnal vibe. (Then the next day they can help get the Xmas decor up….you can never have enough helpers when it comes to those Christmas lights.)

I made this entire DIY neutral Fall centerpiece for less than $20, which is perfect for those on a budget, but who still want some cute decor.

And, as a little *pro tip* for next year, you can use pumpkins for both Halloween AND Thanksgiving/Fall decor, so you can get a double bang for your buck!

Easy Fall Decor


How To:

First of all, I want to give credit to my friend Ruby at @thatgemruby on Instagram, who inspired me to create this decor vibe. She is the queen of beautiful neutrals, and not to mention, has an epic sense of style!

So, first I went to Michael’s and picked out 3 coordinating colors in light grey, tan, and burnt orange. To get the light pinkish color I mixed the grey paint with the orange paint, so I didn’t have to buy a fourth color.

Then, I just slathered on 2 coats of paint on each pumpkin, making sure each coat was dry before doing the next.

Neutral Fall centerpiece

At first I had just a plain pumpkin setup going on the table. I really liked this simple, minimalist look for Halloween/early Fall, but for Thanksgiving I thought I would add a few more accents to it with the greenery and baby’s breath.

I just snipped a few branches of greenery and sprigs of baby’s breath and placed them strategically in the display. And that’s it! So easy, right?

My candlesticks are Danish antiques that my Dad gave me, but I also love these, which are super chic and yet still so affordable!

Neutral Fall Centerpiece

Cost Breakdown:

16 Mini pumpkins, .59 each at Trader Joe’s= $9.44

4 Medium Squash, 1.29 each at Trader Joe’s = $5.16

Light gray acrylic paint from Michael’s = .79 each

Tan acrylic paint from Michael’s = .79 each

Orange acrylic paint from Michael’s = .79 each (plus, make sure to get a 40% off coupon!)

Baby’s breath & greenery, $2.99 at Trader Joe’s

TOTAL = $19.96


So, I’m curious, do you put up Fall decor, or do you just go straight to Christmas? 🙂 Later this week I’ll also be making these soft & fluffy pumpkin cookies with vanilla buttercream glaze. Truly, the best pumpkin cookies I’ve ever had. I always double up on the batch because one batch never lasts long enough!

Neutral Fall Centerpiece


Easy Neutral Fall Centerpiece

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