Cheap Egg Chair Options For Patio Furniture or Indoors

Cheap Egg Chair for Patio or Indoors

Cheap Egg Chair for Patio or Indoors

Where to Buy a Cheap Egg Chair

Since my previous Affordable Patio Furniture post was so popular, I thought I would narrow it down a bit and focus on the “Queen Bee” of patio furniture, the egg chair. Traditionally, egg chairs can be quite expensive, so today I’ll be focusing on where to find the best cheap egg chairs!

Egg chairs make a gorgeous, modern, and not to mention comfortable, addition to any patio, and they can also be used indoors as well. I mean, who doesn’t want to cozy up in an egg chair in a sunny room and read a good book?

But Why are Egg Chairs so Expensive?

One of the problems with egg chairs is that they can be quite pricy. It has to do with the way they’re manufactured as well as their size (think about how much it costs to ship those giant boxes!) But in today’s post I’m bringing you plenty of options for cheap egg chairs that remain affordable with any budget.

Cheap Egg Chair on Amazon

Cheap Egg Chair on Amazon

I love the cozy cushions on this affordable egg chair, as well as its durability. Made of all-weather wicker and rust resistant steel, this chair is sure to hold up to all the outdoor elements.

White Wicker Egg Chair on Amazon

Affordable White Egg Chair on Amazon

If a clean white decor is more your style this egg chair is extremely cheap, coming in at under $225!

Gray Egg Chair on Amazon

Gray Egg Chair on Amazon

This cheap egg chair is one of the most affordable I’ve found on Amazon, at just under $200 (plus an additional $10 off coupon – just click the box before adding to cart!).

Rattan Wicker Egg Chair on Amazon

Rattan Egg Chair on Amazon

I love the cozy cushions on this cheap egg chair, as well as the black accents inside the lining of the chair. I also love the ornate woven details on each side. This would be perfect for any neutral outdoor space!

Teardrop Shape Egg Chair on Amazon

Cheap Teardrop Egg Chair

I love the exaggerated teardrop shape of this affordable egg chair. It would make a great modern addition to any patio or outdoor space.

Retro Egg Chair

Retro Egg Chair

For a retro take on the egg chair, try this gold option. It’s a bit more pricy than the rest, but is for sure to be a conversation piece at your next outdoor get together!

Egg Chair Lounger on Amazon

Daybed Lounger on Amazon

This cheap egg chair lounger was a best seller on a previous post, so I thought it made sense to add it here, too. This is a great option for lounging by the pool or any outdoor space.

Rattan Egg Chair with Same Day Pickup

Egg chair with Same Day Pickup

This egg chair has a traditional egg shape, and it’s available with same day pickup at some locations. So if you need something fast and want to save on shipping costs, this one’s for you!

Tan Rattan Cheap Egg Chair

Tan Rattan Egg Chair on Amazon

I love the intricate detailing of this egg chair.

Children’s Cheap Egg Chair – For Kids

Childrens Egg Chair

The kiddos also need a fun place to rest while on the patio or porch. This kid’s size egg chair is perfect and rings out under $130.


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  1. Wow these are all amazing options, I gotta show my husband!! I am in love with the egg chair trend, they really make a statement in your home!