Gucci Rubber Sandal Dupes

Gucci Rubber Sandal Dupes

The Best Gucci Rubber Sandal Dupes

Arguably THE it shoe of the summer is the Gucci rubber slide sandal. Made from a soft rubber material, do I dare say we’re entering a phase where jelly sandals are back in style?

If you’re not looking to spend the full $350 on a pair of sandals that will most likely be passé in a season or two, today’s post is for you. I’ve scoured the internet for the best dupes for the Gucci rubber sandals so you don’t have to.

Authentic Gucci Rubber Slide Sandals

If you want to check out the real thing, the authentic Gucci sandals come in Black, White, Light Pink, Blue, and Red.


Gucci Rubber Slide Sandal Dupes

These sandals are extremely similar to the Gucci rubber sandals, but will only set you back about $60 instead of $350.

Affordable Gucci Rubber Sandal Dupes

This is probably the most affordable dupe you’ll find, and these come in 4 colors: Black, White, Purple, and Mauve. They’re under $30 when you use my code QUARTZ315 at checkout!

Gucci Rubber Sandals Knockoffs

If you’re not opposed to knockoff sandals, DH Gate is a great place to find dupes. This seller on DH Gate is a trusted seller of these particular Gucci dupe sandals. If you’re a first time shopper, I would be extremely wary of most vendors on that site. The way DH Gate works is that the product listing does not include the designer logo, but when you receive the item it will have the logo. You must read the reviews and look at user uploaded photos of the products received in order to verify this.

The particular sellers I listed below have many 5-star reviews with photos included, so you can be assured the Gucci dupe sandals you receive will look just like the real deal for a fraction of the price (around $60-$65).

Black Gucci Rubber Sandal Dupes

If you’re looking for a great dupe in black, this pair of sandals features criss-cross straps in the same jelly rubber material.

Clear Gucci Rubber Sandal Dupes

If you’re into clear jelly sandals, these are a great Gucci sandal dupe and they’re under $30.


I hope this post was helpful in finding some Gucci jelly sandal dupes that were to your liking. These sandals have been selling out quickly, so if something you see is sold out, keep checking back to see if it comes back into stock.

I also feature lots of affordable dupes on my Shop TikTok page, which you can find by clicking here! 

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