3 Brands to Splurge on this Season

Odd Molly Heat Patch Jacket

Odd Molly Heat Patch Jacket

The holidays are right around the corner, which means our holiday wishlists are in full on GO-mode. And since most of us usually have a little splurge present on the list, I’m giving you the scoop on 3 brands that have recently hit my fashion radar. Thanks to influencers becoming more savvy and aware of the algorithms and now understanding how to buy TikTok likes and Instagram likes, I am coming across more unique content and brands to discover.Anything for a little Xmas list inspo, right??


I just rediscovered Odd Molly and I love that they have such a fun story behind their brand. It’s a company that started in Venice Beach, CA in the 80’s, and the brand’s conception revolved around a girl named Molly. Molly was a skater girl, who had the courage to break free from conventions and follow her own dreams. Nowadays, the brand encourages girls to do just this. Follow their own dreams and aspirations, and to encourage more ‘Odd Mollys’ in the world!

Odd Molly Arctic Wings Sweater

Odd Molly Heat Patch Jacket

They were nice enough to send over a few items and their quality of fabrics and construction is super premium. One of the sweaters I received is cashmere, and although I usually can’t wear cashmere without a layer underneath because I get so itchy, this cashmere was nothing but soft, lush goodness against my skin. It also has a hood that keeps me cozy when the temps dip down.

And, can we talk about this jacket?! I fell in love as soon as I saw it on their website. It’s like a fuzzy teddy bear coat, but with just the right amount of hardware and tailoring to make it a true statement piece. Plus, it’s lined in satin and kept me toasty warm during my trip back to the East Coast. I’ll for sure be living in it this Winter!

Odd Molly Warm and Vivid Hood Sweater


If you’re looking for that perfect vintage 90’s cut denim this season, RE/DONE is your answer. The brand sources vintage Levi’s jeans and repurposes them, giving them a slightly more modern fit, basically making them into things we all want to wear!

Think: high rise jeans, denim jackets, denim skirts. They also repurpose vintage Hanes tee shirts and screenprint them with fun, cheeky graphics. (RE/DONE was nice enough to sponsor Quartz & Leisure by sending over a pair of High Rise Crop Jeans. See how I styled them here).

Odd Molly Heat Patch Jacket

Odd Molly Heat Patch Jacket

Their prices are a bit higher than generic denim, but when you think about the fact that they are sourcing and buying vintage items, fully taking them apart and then recreating them…I mean, that’s a lot of work right there. Plus, the jeans are made of real denim material that won’t stretch out or get loose after time, so I feel like that right there is justification for a splurge.

RE/DONE jeans are sold through their e-commerce site and also through REVOLVE.com. Here are a few of my favorite styles below:


New favorite it-brand that’s sold exclusively at Revolve, everything Majorelle designs is totally lust-worthy. The brand is headed by creative director Rachel Zeilic, who you’ve probably seen cavorting with the ladies of Revolve on their Revolve Around the World trips. (And here is a little *PRO TIP*. She’s also a VP of influencer marketing and gives tons of helpful advice on working with brands and PR companies through her IG stories, so if you’re a new influencer I suggest you go give her a follow @rachelzeilic! (You can thank me later!) She should be able to give you some really helpful tips. Becoming an influencer can be difficult, especially as there is already so much competition, so advice from people like Rachel can be really beneficial. Also, if you’re a brand trying to gain more customers, make use of an influencer agency like Unruly (to know more, check unrulyagency.com) might help you gain more traction and therefore boost your business.

To give yourself a better chance as a new influencer, it might even be worth kickstarting your account by purchasing some followers from https://nitreo.com. This should give you more of an advantage over other influencers, helping you to hopefully get more brand partnerships and opportunities. However, if you are skeptical about whether purchasing followers would be the right thing to do, then you must know that several people opt for this option nowadays. For instance, many Instagram influencers looking to gain more exposure often want to know how to buy Instagram followers.

There should not be any shame in taking external help to get more exposure on social media platforms. Please do not mind those who say otherwise. You have a dream, and it is only fair that you take the necessary steps to ensure that you fulfil it.

Anyway, below are some of my favorite pieces from Majorelle, and you can bet a lot of these will be on my wishlist this Christmas!

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