10+ Best Mini Ugg Dupes (That Look Like the Real Thing!)

The Best Mini Ugg Dupes Online

The comfiest and warmest shoe of Fall & Winter has long been Uggs. Even in the late 2000’s when they were supposedly “out” of style, they were still IN style if you lived in any cold climate (like where I come from…New England). However, the high quality sheepskin and shearling wool does come at a hefty price, at upwards of $150+ per pair – and that’s only when you can find a pair in stock! In today’s post I’ll show you how to get the best Mini and Ultra Mini Ugg dupes online that look just like the real thing!

Now, even if you don’t love the idea of getting an Ugg lookalike, the real deal is frequently sold out due to the high demand of these boots. I can imagine this demand will only get worse once the cold Winter temps hit!

So, in case you need something warm and your favorite style is currently sold out, check out these Ugg alternatives.

I happen to prefer the platform type of Ugg because #1- I could always use the extra height, and #2- I feel like this style is more “in” right now during this current stage of fashion trends. So, in this post I’ll be showing mostly the platform version, but also added a few regular versions in here as well.

Where to Shop for Ugg Lookalikes?

Here are a few of my favorite stores that carry shearling boots that look super similar to Uggs:

  • Amazon – best for trend driven Ugg styles
  • QVC – best for name brand Ugg styles
  • Old Navy – best for when you need a pair of Uggs quickly
  • Target – another good choice to pick up same day
  • Shein – best for Uggs on a budget – you’ll often find the same exact Amazon pieces here, but for half the price! They also offer free returns!

Why Are the Ultra Mini Uggs Sold Out Everywhere?

Bottom line, these are the IT shoe for Fall & Winter. You’ve probably seen them all over Instagram and TikTok, paired with slouchy white socks and leggings, or wide leg jeans. But even if the real ones are sold out, you can get the same exact look with this style here.


Should I Size Up or Down in Uggs?

So, original Uggs fit pretty true to size and are they are supposed to fit snug to the foot. However, whether you buy real the sheepskin ones or faux fur, as you wear them more the fur material inside will matte down, creating a roomier feel. So I would suggest buying the size that feels slightly tight when brand new.

Ugg Mini Dupe on Amazon

Ugg Mini Dupes on Amazon

This pair has been a best seller on Amazon for over a year now. It’s been featured by numerous fashion bloggers and TikTokkers, which has added to its demand. (They’re on my wish list this year, too!) They come in five colors and have a ton of 5-star reviews. There’s also a 5% off coupon you can get here!


Ultra Mini Ugg on Amazon

Amazon Version of Ultra Mini Platform Uggs

This pair is the most true to the Ultra Mini style, with the low back heel and lack of pullup strap. I love that these come in Brown, Tan, and this GORGEOUS Gray-Green!



Mustard Seed Mini Ugg Dupe Online

Mustard Seed Platform Ugg Lookalikes

I love the lighter color of these Mini Ugg lookalikes. It’s very similar to the new mustard seed color that Ugg launched this year! These are made by one of my favorite footwear brands, and the price can’t be beat! This site often has promotions and sales as well, so keep an eye out for those!


Ugg dupes platform Steve Madden

Ugg Dupe Platforms by Steve Madden

Steve Madden is well known for making high quality shoes, and these boots are no exception!


Ultra Mini Ugg Boot Dupes

Mini Ugg Boot Lookalikes

These Ugg lookalikes feature that same low profile, with super similar looking stitches. The platform on these isn’t quite as high, so you’ll have more control, but still get some nice height.

Ugg Ultra Mini Dupes

Ugg Ultra Mini Platform Dupe at Target

I love the lower profile of these Ugg lookalike boots and love that you can get them from Target! If you’re into brand names you’ll love these (they’re a well known Ugg competitor) without the giant Ugg price tag! This is an online only style, so it’s not available in stores.

Ugg boot dupes near me

Ugg Boot Dupes Near Me

If you’re on the hunt for an Ugg boot lookalike and need same day pickup, you can probably find this pair at a mall near you. Order online for store pickup so you don’t have to wait in those long checkout lines! They also have frequent sales so make sure you have an Ugg coupon code handy.

Ugg Boot Dupes Under $50

Mini Ugg Dupes Under $50

These mini Ugg dupes have the look of the real thing, but the price tag comes in way under $50, at a mere $24! I have these and I highly recommend. Super comfy and quite a steal for the price!

Gray Mini Ugg Platform Boots

Gray Platform Ugg Boot Alternatives

I love the gray version of these mini Ugg alternatives. They also come in the traditional chestnut color if you want a more classic look. These are from a retailer I wouldn’t expect to carry this type of boot, so I’m glad I stumbled across them!

Platform Ugg Boot Dupes

Dupes for Platform Ugg Mini in Chestnut

I love the more molded shape foot of this pair. They also come in black and have their full range of sizes available now. This store frequently has sales, so make sure to have your Ugg coupon code ready!



Tall Ugg dupes online

Classic Tall Ugg Boot Dupes on Amazon

In case you’re not into the ultra mini Uggs with the low profile, I thought I’d also include a classic tall boot here as well. These are available on Amazon for only $20! (Price is subject to change, but is accurate as of this posting!)


I hope this was helpful in your search for some cozy Ugg boot lookalikes this season! For the chilly Winter months, these comfy boots can’t be beat!

But, if you’re looking for another IT shoe of the season, check out this post on all the best Prada loafer dupes available online.

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