10 Date Night Ideas For V-Day & Every Day

10 Date Night Ideas - Quartz & Leisure

10 Unique Date Night Ideas - Quartz & Leisure

10 Date Night Ideas - Quartz & Leisure

Hi ladies!

With Valentine’s Day soon upon us, I thought I’d offer up a few suggestions for a unique date night. Whether you love staying in or want to experience something adventurous, keep reading for 10 date night ideas – for Valentine’s Day or any day!

10 Date Night Ideas - Quartz & Leisure

1. Cozy Camping

Gather up some fuzzy blankets and pillows, light some candles, and set up a cozy space to cuddle by the fireplace. Bring some marshmallows and skewers to roast S’mores in the fire. And S’mores go great with champagne…um, right?

2. Cooking Date

Another great date idea is to plan a romantic meal for the two of you to cook together. Shop a few days earlier to ensure you have all the ingredients on hand. Work together to make a special date night dinner that you’ll both enjoy. Because food that’s made with love always tastes better!

3. The “Newlywed” Game

Write a bunch of personal questions about each other on one main sheet of paper. For example, “What’s the one thing you love most about the other?” or “What’s the one household chore you hate doing the most?” Give a stack of index cards to your partner and keep some for yourself. Write down the answers to each of the questions on the cards and then take turns guessing each other’s answers and flipping the cards to see if your answers match. See how many you can get right…and remember to kiss each time you get one correct!

10 Date Night Ideas - Quartz & Leisure

4. Spa Date

Book a couple’s massage at a nearby day spa. After your massage, spend the day relaxing in the hot tubs, mineral baths, and drinking cucumber water in an eucalyptus-infused steam room. You’ll go home relaxed and refreshed! If a couple’s massage isn’t in your budget, gather up some scrubs, bubble bath, and massage oils. Light some candles and…well, I think you can see where this one is headed.

5. Visit a Local Restaurant

I’m sure there are loads of local restaurants Roanoke that you’ve always been meaning to go to. So why not make it a date night tradition that you try a new restaurant every few weeks? It’s a great way to spend time with your other half and it might end up with you falling in love with a new type of cuisine! Plus it’s a great way to support your local restaurants, rather than going to major chains.

6. Scavenger Hunt Date

Buy a small gift such as a chocolate heart or a bottle of massage oil. Hide it in a secret place in the house and then work your way backwards, following your several written clues to the next hiding spot.

For example, if your first clue is “You go in here to grab a cold beer” he would head to the fridge. The clue you find in the fridge says, “You use this when you want to make your life (and your tea) a little sweeter” which means he looks in the cabinet where you store the sugar, or maybe the honey? The note on the sugar says, “When I look in you, I see myself” so he goes to check out the bathroom mirror. The note on the mirror says, “These are your favorite high heels of mine – go find them!” Then you would hide the wrapped up gift inside the shoe for your boo to find (this should take a while if your shoe closet is anything like mine, lol). When he finally finds it, share your gift and use it together during your date night.

10 Date Night Ideas - Quartz & Leisure

7. Truth or Dare

Another unique date idea is to play a cute game of Truth or Dare. Make a list of sexy dares ahead of time and select from that list if your partner chooses to “withhold” information. It will allow you to get to know each other in both ways.

8. Hotel Night

Rent a room in a nearby hotel for a night, go for a nice dinner, and relax in a different environment. Sometimes it’s easier to unwind without the burden of laundry, cleaning, and other household chores looming over you in your own home. You could even just kick back and watch some tv in your hotel room. Sometimes a different environment, even if it’s just doing something as simple as watching tv can really help you relax and have a great night. If you’re not sure what to watch than check out these most watched tv shows during covid that people are loving (source here)!

10 Date Night Ideas - Quartz & Leisure

9. Couples Bucket List

Sit down together and make a list of all the things you’d like to accomplish in your relationship. It can be as simple as making every Thursday night date night and listing the vacations you’d like to take together, or as complex as buying a house together and what you need to do to get there. Whatever it is, keep the list handy and work towards accomplishing each item through the years.

10. Get Out and Move

Go ice skating or snow tubing together. Or maybe rent a tandem bike (a bicycle built for two!) to ride around the boardwalk together. Another great idea is to do an early morning hike to watch the sunrise from a mountain top. Or go for a romantic walk on the beach and watch the waves. Just getting out and breathing some fresh air will energize you and doing a fun activity together will bring you closer.

So, hopefully you enjoyed these date night ideas. What else do you do for a special date night? Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!

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10 Date Night Ideas - Quartz & Leisure

10 Date Night Ideas - Quartz & Leisure

10 Date Night Ideas - Quartz & Leisure

10 Date Night Ideas - Quartz & Leisure

10 Date Night Ideas - Quartz & Leisure

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