The Cheapest Artificial Christmas Trees (That Look Luxe!) for 2023

The Cheapest Artificial Christmas Trees

The Cheapest Artificial Christmas Trees

With all the gift giving, buying, and exchanging during the holiday season, the last thing you need to worry about is one more expense to add to the Christmas budget. Christmas decorations can take a hefty chunk out of the holiday budget, but they don’t have to! Today I’m highlighting the cheapest artificial Christmas trees online that still look beautiful and luxe.

For the sake of clarity, all of the trees here are about 6 feet, and some even stand at 7 feet. So, there will be no surprises – like when you thought you were buying a full sized tree, but a miniature sized one arrived at your doorstep.

Before we get to the trees, here are some of my favorite retailers to shop for the most affordable artificial Christmas trees. You can check out their full holiday selections here:


What is the Average Cost of an Artificial Christmas Tree?

I’d say the average for a full sized tree is probably $250-$300, but some of the larger, more ornate flocked and fully lit trees can go up into the several thousands of dollars.

Ever wondered what a $33,000 Christmas tree looks like? It’s the most expensive one I found while doing my tree research! (But at least they throw in some free shipping, am I right?)

The Best and Cheapest Artificial Christmas Trees in 2022

As of this posting, most of these faux Christmas trees are under $100.

Some are on sale for a limited time, so I am unable to guarantee they’ll still be on sale as you’re browsing. Make sure to click through to see the real-time pricing!

Also important to note, the majority of these trees have a customer rating of 4.5 stars or more, and have several hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews.

I’ve spent a lot of time specifically curating this post, so I hope you find one that you love!


Cheapest Artificial Christmas Tree on Amazon

The Best Affordable Christmas Tree on Amazon

This is one of the highest rated fake Christmas trees on Amazon! Over 12,000 people have purchased this tree, and it’s no wonder – the price comes in at just under $100 for this gorgeous and full 6′ tree. Available with free Amazon Prime shipping – and check out its over 12,000 5-star ratings here!

Cheapest Flocked Christmas Tree

Cheapest Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree

Of all the artificial Christmas trees out there, I think flocked trees are some of the most beautiful. This one stands at 6.5 feet and is a steal at only $79!

Now, can you flock your own tree at home? Sure, you can. Use this spray on your artificial tree to create your own beautiful DIY flocked Christmas tree.

Most Affordable Unlit Christmas Tree

I’m not sure how they can even make a 6 foot tree for only $29, but here it is! This tree has a high satisfaction rating as well. Nearly 500 reviews and a 4.5 star rating. Read them all here.

Most Realistic Artificial Christmas Tree Under $100

Most Realistic Fake Christmas Tree Under $100

If you’re looking for the most realistic artificial Christmas tree under $100 then I think I’ve found it. Another tree with over 5000 5-star ratings, this faux tree has a very high customer satisfaction rating. Read them all here.


Narrow Artificial Christmas Tree

Best Artificial Christmas Tree for Small Spaces

If space is tight in your home, then this artificial tree will be the perfect fit! This tree is on the narrow side, but it’s sold with many height options. So you can fill the vertical space without taking up too much space on the floor level (and it leaves more room for presents!) Score this tree for under $70 here.

Most Affordable Flocked and Lit Christmas Tree

Most Affordable Flocked & Lit Christmas Tree

This tree has half the work already done for you! This artificial Christmas tree comes fully lit with beautiful warm toned lights, and pre-fluffed, pre-flocked branches. Just add your own ornaments and it’s ready to go. This one is priced slightly higher than the rest on this list, but I think it’s worth it. What do you think?

Best Artificial Christmas Tree on Wayfair

Best Artificial Christmas Tree on Wayfair

I love the simplicity of this faux Christmas tree. It comes complete with pre-shaped and fluffed branches, a stand, and plenty of twinkling lights. Check out its full details here.

The Best Pink Christmas Tree Under $100

Pink Faux Christmas Tree Under $100

A pink tree is such a fun addition to Christmas! Perfect for a girly girl’s apartment, or for someone who just loves to put their unique spin on the holidays. This one is super affordable, and on sale now for just under $50!

Cheap Pre Lit Christmas Tree

Cheapest Pre Lit Fake Christmas Tree

This faux Christmas tree comes pre-lit, so you won’t need to struggle with stringing those lights. You can check it out here.

Minimalist Artificial Christmas Tree

Highest Rated Faux Christmas Tree

I love the minimal look of this artificial tree. It comes strung with just the right amount of golden lights and a sturdy metal frame. This tree has over TEN THOUSAND 5-star ratings and is by far the most purchased tree of all on this site (except for this Amazon tree, of course). You can check it out here.

Cheapest All White Christmas Tree Online

Dreaming of a white Christmas? This pure white tree is perfect to complete your vision! It’s on sale right now for under $50, but I’m sure this sale won’t last long. Comes complete with a stand, too. It comes highly recommended with a 4.7 star rating, which you can check out here.

Cheapest King of Christmas Tree

King of Christmas Artificial Tree – Affordable?

It wouldn’t be an artificial Christmas tree post without at least one tree from King of Christmas! Their trees are known to be the best of the best, but they often come at a hefty price tag. This one is one of the most affordable 6 foot trees on their site. Check out more of their beautiful options here!

Cheap Colorful Christmas Tree on Amazon

Best Christmas Tree with Colored Lights on Amazon

Beautiful colored lights adorn this faux Christmas tree. It’s on sale right now for under $100 and is the cheapest I’ve found anywhere online. Available with free Prime shipping!

More of the best affordable fake Christmas trees online:

I hope this helped in sourcing the cheapest artificial Christmas trees this holiday season. If there’s something in particular that you’re looking for that hasn’t been listed here, please shoot me a DM on Instagram and I can help you find it!

And now that you don’t have to waste your time sweeping up pine needles, you can focus on what’s really important this holiday season – spending time with family (and also eating Christmas cookies).

Happy holidays!



Cheap Artificial Christmas Trees Online

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