12 Reasons To Love Winter (Now that it’s almost over!)

12 Reasons I Love Winter (Now that It's Almost Over) - Quartz & Leisure

12 Reasons I Love Winter (Now that It's Almost Over) - Quartz & Leisure

12 Reasons I Love Winter (Now that It's Almost Over) - Quartz & Leisure

A couple of weeks ago, I took a short ski trip up to Vermont, and although many places around the country are venturing into the warmer temps, I can assure you that it is definitely still winter up there. And when we passed by this amazingly beautiful icicle formation and I just had to stop and take some photos.

It got me thinking about the beauty of winter and all the things we forget to appreciate during these cold winter months. We’re so busy trying to stay warm that we forget how beautiful and special winter can be. Obviously, keeping warm should be very important at this time of year. I was very worried when our furnace broke down. Luckily, we have a great team of professionals nearby. You might want to click here to learn about furnace repair near me.

Keep on reading for 12 reasons to love winter!

12 Reasons I Love Winter (Now that It's Almost Over) - Quartz & Leisure

12 Reasons I Love Winter (Now that It's Almost Over) - Quartz & Leisure

12 Reasons I Love Winter (Now that It's Almost Over) - Quartz & Leisure

SWEATER / JEANS / HAT (similar) / BOOTS (similar)

So, now that Spring is well on it’s way, I can “safely” reflect back on all the things I love about winter.

However, when that first winter chill returns again at the end of Fall, I can’t guarantee you I’ll feel the same way. But for now, here they are!

12 Reasons to Love Winter


There is nothing like the crackle and pop of a good roaring fire. The warmth it throws around the room is enough to lift the spirits (and temperature) of even your coldest mood. And that smell, ahhh. The smoky, woodsy smell of a freshly burned fire is a clear indication it’s winter. If the smell of burning wood isnt for you, then you can opt for a fuel fire or heating system. Lucas Fuels can provide a speedy service getting fuel to your home over the winter period, making sure you stay toasty all of the time. For anyone who doesn’t have a fire place, of course there are other ways to keep your house warm. But unfortunately for some, around the winter time is when their heating systems become an issue and stops working altogether. This is why is why companies provide a free hvac inspection, to fix any problems you may be having with your heating. No one wants to be freezing, especially in these snowy, winter months.

Cozy Sweaters

Turtlenecks, chunky knits, oversized, or off the shoulder. Nothing beats a good cozy sweater for keeping out the winter chill. You can shop some of my fave cozy sweaters below.

Hot Cocoa & Hot Tea

I think everyone will agree that nothing hits the spot on a cold winter’s day like a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea. My favorite teas are here and here.


I grew up skiing and this is definitely a nostalgic one for me. Some of my favorite teenage memories involve weekend trips to the ski house! It’s so great to be out breathing the crisp winter air…as long as you come prepared and bundle yo’ ass in as many layers as possible dress warm for the occasion!


Hear me out on this one. While most people hate the mere thought of an approaching snowstorm and being cooped up inside, there is something strangely cozy about sitting under a warm blanket inside your house and watching the snow fall. Knowing that there is nowhere else you can be at that very moment, even if you wanted to. Just make sure that you have used a company like CJS Heating and Air Conditioning to service your furnace at the start of winter! There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a snowstorm with no heating.

12 Reasons to Love Winter - Quartz & LeisureIcicles

Just take a look at these pictures and see how majestic and cool icicles can be! Although, funny story. In these pictures I wanted to get closer and “touch” one of the icicles, and as I did it snapped right off in my hand. It also had a domino effect on the one above it, and I had to lunge out of the way so it didn’t decapitate me! You can see how those sharp daggers could easily injure someone, right?? You can actually see in the above picture one giant icicle that looks chopped off – that’s the one. So, although they are pretty, be aware of icicles!

Boots & Fuzzy Socks

Cozy socks are a must-have in my opinion, because chilly toes are my worst enemy. And who doesn’t love a good pair of boots? Over the knee boots, velvet boots, or traditional snow boots, take your pick during the winter months.


Sort of like a mini fireplace, candles can set the mood and warm your spirits with their fragrant scents. Burn one with lavender for an extra dose of stress relief. During the summer months it’s usually way too hot to burn candles so take advantage of them during these blustery times.

Comfort Food

A warm pot of piping hot chili, or maybe a bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese? Eating “stick to your ribs” comfort foods is one way to beat the winter blues. Indulge if you must, but don’t expect your summer bod to be sending you any thank you notes!


I mean. YASSS. Combine some warm blankets, that crackling fire, a pair of fuzzy socks and a good cuddle buddy for the perfect wintertime activity.

And…drumroll please…my #1 reason to love and appreciate winter:

Looking forward to Spring!

I’m pretty sure everyone looks forward to Spring, when everything awakens and becomes new again. The flowers, the trees, even the smell in the air. Plus, I obviously can’t wait to wear more flowy, sheer dresses, and off-the-shoulder tops. And can I get an AMEN for some open-toed shoes?!

So, can you think of any other reasons to love winter? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

If you’re still feeling anxious about the chilly temps and lack of sunshine, read my post detailing 5 ways to de-stress during winter which can be found here.

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12 Reasons I Love Winter (Now that It's Almost Over) - Quartz & Leisure

12 Reasons to Love Winter - Quartz & Leisure

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