Palm Print for Summer

Palm Prints - Quartz & Leisure

Palm Prints - Quartz & Leisure

Happy Summer everyone!

Wow, I feel like I haven’t done a fashion post in a hot second. I’ve been so busy doing recipe posts and roundups, but now I’m back!

And today I’m bringing you a fun trend for Summer…palm print! You’ve no doubt seen these prints being worn on the weekends, as you brunch at your fave cafe spot, or even by the pool as you lounge about catching some rays.

Palm Prints - Quartz & Leisure

Palm Prints - Quartz & Leisure

The best part about palm print is that it can be worn in many styles: classic, preppy, or bohemian. It’s all up to you and how you style it.

Since I live on the East Coast, actual real-life palm trees are in short supply (lol) so I found the next best thing…garden roses.

Actually, yes, I literally just found these roses.

Palm Prints - Quartz & Leisure

Palm Prints - Quartz & Leisure

Palm Prints - Quartz & Leisure

Palm Prints - Quartz & Leisure

I unexpectedly stumbled upon them while searching for a beachy spot to take these pictures…but once I saw these roses, I knew that THIS was the spot.

They were just growing “wild” through someone’s fence in their front lawn.

Little did I know, the owner was home for lunch and saw me taking pictures, and as he came out of the house to get in his car to go back to work, he just smiled at us. It was almost like he understood how much I appreciated his rose garden and knew I wasn’t there to pick them!

Don’t worry, I didn’t pick any, even after he sped off to work. My photographer on the other hand…

Haha just kidding. She didn’t pick any either. 

Palm Prints - Quartz & Leisure

Ah now, onto the dress. I loved this dress from the second I saw it, but unfortunately it’s completely sold out (however, there are still plus sizes available!).

So instead I’ve linked a bunch of my favorite palm print items below. From swimsuits, to beach bags, to wedges, I’ve included a nice variety of styles.

Let me know which ones are your favorites in the comments below!

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    1. Oh, I was VERY tempted…but I sadly resisted ha! 🙂

  1. This print dress is so cool! I love the mix of color and these print overalls is perfect on you!

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